La Découverte 2013

La Découverte 2013


This is a great dry white wine of character which can be kept to age.  The wine is matured in Burgundian oak barrels.


  • Maceration 24 hours
  • Grape juice is directly placed in barrels of 300 liters (of 0-6 years for a fine woody).
  • After fermentation, the wine is kept on lees and caned for more than 10 months.

Go with

This wine is very popular both as an appetizer with fish, meats, white meat and cheese.

Grapes variety

  • 30% Sauvignon blanc
  • 30% Sauvignon gris
  • 40% Sémillon


1 étoile dans le Guide Hachette 2015.

Coup de coeur du Guide Hachette en 2014, 2003 et 2004.

Cité en 2008, 2010 et 2012.