Our philosophy is to produce natural wines for our clients

More than ten years ago, simply in order to achieve cost savings, we started to reduce the amount of weed killers and plant protection products that we used.  We also controlled our production in order to maximize quality.

This way of thinking meant that we were conscious of environmental issues and we became a member of the first environmental management organization ("Système de Management Environnemental" certifiée ISO 14001.)
Therefore, we are committed to :

- Continuing to reduce the use of chemicals in our vineyard
- Protecting and increasing the diversity of flora and fauna
- Rationalizing the use of machinery in order to cut down on fuel
- Preserving water quality by better controlling both its use and the risk of pollution
- Managing human resources better by involving and motivating all our staff
- Stating our social responsibility while respecting the integrity of our personnel
- Improving tracking in order to guarantee security for our clients and improving the organization of internal information

All the staff at Château des Chapelains are putting their energy into bringing the above to a successful conclusion!